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Our Work

Rareheron helps clients build, maintain and enhance their online presence. Whether you need a website, blog design, email template, facebook banner, or all of the above, we are here for you.

Our services include ecommerce and database development as well, and we can even help with logos and original graphics.

We invite you to view our portfolio and read about some of our clients and how we helped them build their online presence.

The Latest (get a rundown of our recent launch of the FORCE website)

Featured Client (learn about the Graceful Systems makeover)

FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Client: FORCE - Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered

Industry: National Non-profit

Special Features: Javascript slide carousels on top and selected pages. Database development for comprehensive information section, Tribute/contribution pages, and e-cards for fundraising. FORCE updates much of the content on the website themselves using a combination of a database-driven site administration that we built just for them, and Adobe's Contribute software. Rareheron helps with updates as well.

FORCE has been a Rareheron client since 2002. Between 2002 and 2010, we made minor changes to the design and navigation.

But by 2010, the organization had grown tremendously and the old site architecture was not keeping up with the ever expanding website. So we started from scratch, analyzing all the information that needed to be presented, then organizing it into logical sections, exploring new Web technologies to better present that information. We also saw the advantage of adding a database that would allow us to break out the Information & Research section into greater granularity than the rest of the site.

As part of this redesign project FORCE asked Rareheron to update their logo to better reflect their mission as advocates for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer research and support.

In 2014 we were tasked with another redesign, this time to incorporate responsive design so the website could be viewed on a number of platforms. We also wanted to incorporate new concepts in web design, and expand the reach of the database to more areas of the site. We also made another slight tweaking of the logo and developed new branding guidelines they use for their print material as well as their online marketing.

We are happy our client realizes the need for keeping current and incorporating new technologies.

Visit FORCE's Website

Read more about our work with FORCE in The Latest.

Client: Chehalem Winery

Industry: Wine

Special Features: Javascript featuring horizontal gliding panels. Online ordering, email blasts, database for reviews.

A client since 1999, we updated the site's structure and design in early 2005 to improve navigation and take advantage of new technologies. We recently updated the site again in the summer of 2011. We knew the owner Harry Nedry Petersen likes to pack in a lot of info. But his marketing manager wanted a cleaner, lighter look. Using javascript technology we incorporated both a horizontal glider panel (which rotates large beautiful pictures of the winery) behind four panels of the most important information to be featured. This way the homepage still has good text content but with a lighter, airy look. The overall site is still rich in content, but now easier to navigate.

This is a great example of how newer technologies can give you the best of both worlds.

Rareheron also designed an email template for this client which they use to announce specials and events.

Visit Chehalem's Website

Environmental and Human Rights Advisory

Client: Environment and Human Rights Advisory

Industry: Non-profit

Special Features: Custom WordPress theme

EHRA has been a client since 2009 when the organization was launched. In 2013 we redesigned the site to better present the national organization they have become. We wanted a clean and intuitive navigation, but needed to pack in a lot of information about their work over the past several years. And we wanted to make it easy for the client to continue to add to the website. For EHRA, a custom WordPress website with an integrated blog was the right choice. In addition EHRA wanted their site to be easy to use on mobile phones and tablets, so we built it using Responsive Website Design.

Visit EHRA's Website

One Source Food Solutions

Client: One Source Food Solutions

Industry: Agriculture

Special Features: Top page slide carousel. Database for updating pages

One Source connects farms and food processors to commercial end users as well as importing specialty food items to commercial food businesses.

One Source had a website but it was woefully out of date and difficult for them to update.

They wanted a professional, clean looking site, but wanted it to have a family-friendly look as many of their sources are family owned farms, and they themselves came from farming families. So "old-world" and "traditional values" needed to be reflected in the design, along with demonstrating their high-tech approach. We think we captured that look between modern and traditional values.

With many different products to choose from, a database seemed like the ideal way for them to update their offerings. They manage their site using our custom content management system.

Visit One Source Food Solution's Website

Double Berry Frozen Yogurt

Client: Double Berry Frozen Yogurt

Industry: Retail Food

Special Features: Integrated facebook feed. Custom content management system.

Doubleberry serves YoCream, a frozen yogurt made in Portland, Oregon. Their byline is swirl, enjoy, repeat. So we knew we had to incorporate a swirl into the design of their site! Their professionally designed logo informed our color choices, and we wanted the site to be vibrant and appealing.

We knew facebook would be invaluable as part of their marketing so we integrated a facebook feed in the bottom of every page in their site. The owner, Jorge Barragan, has done a wonderful job of using social media to promote their product.

In addition, Jorge wanted to manage his site content himself so we pulled the entire website into Rareheron's custom content management system. Now he can update his website any time of day or night without having to ask for assistance.

Visit Double Berry's Website

Environmental and Human Rights Advisory

Client: Taylor Made Labels

Industry: Label Manufacturers

Special Features: Javascript featuring horizontal gliding panels and updatable portfolio section. Custom ordering forms.

Taylor Made Labels specializes in designing and producing eye-catching labels for the food, wine, and supplements industries. They also sell and service label applicators, label dispensers, and variable printers.

Taylor Made Label has been a client since 2007. This redesign of their site was implemented in Spring of 2014 mostly to update the look of the site. For now, TML chose not to go with a responsive design as most of their clients seem to be using monitors to view the site. The site features an easy way for customers to get quotes on labels or equipment.

Visit Taylor Made Labels' Website

DW Block
Track One and d2kb

Client: DW Block Associates

Industry: Agriculture

Special Features: Integrated blog. Custom content management system

D.W. Block Associates, LLC is an agribusiness strategy and management consulting firm serving clients in a broad range of agricultural sectors and industries worldwide.

A client since 2008, we recently updated their website. Although they weren't ready for a full-redsign of their site, they knew they wanted to introduce a blog. Although their website has a conservative design, when it came to their blog, they said "surprise us." We created a custom WordPress theme for their blog that reflected their expertise in cutting-edge agribusiness. Needless to say, they were delighted and find the blog an easy way to update their clients on trends in agriculture and highlight their achievements.

DW Blog

Since then, they have launched two subsidery sites, TrackOne, for transportation for AG clients in Central Oregon, and d2kb, a site oriented to connecting AG businesses with supply chains from production to delivery. Basing these subsidery sites on their main site template keeps costs down while still maintaining a professional image.

Visit DW Block's Website

Environmental and Human Rights Advisory

Client: Graceful Systems

Industry: Energy Consultants

Special Features: Top page slide carousel, Custom content management system. Integrated blog

After many years working for large energy companies, Pamela Lesh wanted to help people think differently about how energy is produced and used and began her consulting firm Graceful Systems. Pamela consults with stakeholders in the energy industry, along with governments and the non-profit sector, helping them think differently about how energy is produced and applied to create a more sustainable model.

Rareheron had developed an earlier website for Pamela that dealt more with sustainable models for energy production. While Pamela was happy with the way the site turned out, plus a subsequent blog we designed for her, after a couple of years Pamela realized that what she really wanted to promote was her method of helping people see things differently, not just renewable energy. So we developed a new site that was more focused on her teaching methodology, although it still centered around the energy industry.

Read more about this featured client

Visit Graceful System's Website

Radiance, A book by Phil Kenney

Client: Phil Kenney

Industry: Author, Book Promotion

Special Features: Integrated blog. Database-driven News and Events feature.

Radiance is a site to promote Phil Kenney's first novel by the same name. Phil wanted bright colors of orange and gold and wanted to incorporate the book cover which he created. Since much of the story revolves around Georgia and her desire to escape the poverty of her rural Indiana home, we needed to find a picture that would evoke the feeling of that rural place and that would have a radiant quality. Phil has a custom admin where he manages News and Events on his website. The site also incorporates Phil's blog.

Visit the Radiance Website

Client: Diagnostic Imaging NW

Industry: Healthcare Providers

When Diagnostic Imaging NW came to us, they already had a website, but it did not follow the general guidelines that their partner group Legacy Health suggests. Nor were they happy with their logo.

We picked up some of the colors and design elements from Legacy Health's site, made a new logo that better suggested "radiology" and created color coded pages for the three main areas of the site.

Diagnostic Imaging was very happy with the bright, fresh look of their new site.

Visit Diagnostic Imaging NW's Website

Take a Hike Chicago

Client: Barbara I. Bond, "Take a Hike Chicago"

Industry: Writer/Publishing

Special Features: Javascript Slide Carousel.

This is the third book website we have designed for Barbara, along with a personal website to promote her photography and writing. Although using social media more and more to promote her books, Barbara still feels a website for each book adds value to her overall marketing efforts and she can host multiple sites under one hosting account.

We used a javascript slide carousel to present six images combined with information about her book. Over the top of these panels is a stationary info panel with links to Amazon, her Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a link to her personal website.

Visit Take a Hike Chicago's Website

Visit Barbara's Personal Website

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