Rareheron Web Design has been helping clients develop custom websites since 1998.

Rareheron clients include small businesses, consultants, non-profits, wineries, the healthcare industry, artists, and others seeking a custom yet affordable website.

Meet the Team...

Lisa Gray

All roads lead through Lisa! Lisa is the owner of Rareheron Web Design, and is project manager on all projects. When you first call Rareheron, it will be Lisa’s friendly voice you hear. Lisa will interview you to understand your needs, audience, and message.

She will work closely with you to organize your website content into an overall structure that is intuitive and readable, making it easy for your visitors to stay on your site at length. Lisa believes in maintaining relationships with clients over time to keep your site fresh and alive.

In addition to being project manager on all projects, Lisa is our lead search engine and social media marketer. She prioritizes customer service so you can feel confident that she will be available when you have questions or need help.

Lisa Gray

MA from Marquette University...
explorer, creator, reader, swimmer, health-food fanatic. Lisa has been building and maintaining websites for 13 years.

Kayo Parsons-Korn

Kayo is our graphic artist and has been designing for the web since 1995. She is particularly intuitive and creative when it comes to designing the "look and feel" of your new website. Her designs reflect your organization's purpose and message.

After the design is complete, Kayo switches to her left brain and codes the style sheets and templates used to create a site's pages. She also does our interactive work and is a whiz with Photoshop.

Kayo does much of our maintenance work and has designed logos, email templates, facebook banners and even print material for some of our clients. So if you have graphic needs beyond your website, we may be able to help you there too.

Kayo Parsons-Korn

BS in Graphic Design from Portland State University...
artist, organic gardener, foodie, musician, National Parks volunteer.

Tom Kerns

Tom is our programmer and database developer. Having a full-time database programmer on board with Rareheron means that we can custom develop whatever it is that your website needs, rather than attempting to make your website fit into a certain platform or plugin.

Tom is particularly astute at asking the right questions to make sure the capabilities our clients need are built in up front.

Tom also builds our sites that use a custom content management system, or custom WordPress template. He specializes in e-commerce websites, as well as dedicated mobile websites and sites that use responsive website design.

Tom hosts many of our sites through his company Tundra Technologies.

Tom Kerns

16 years in web programming...
photographer, astronomer, and fisherman

Getting Started

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If you’d prefer, send Lisa an email.

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